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Swingtopia at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden
Swingtopia at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

"Thanks to Swingtopia our party was a real blast! People really loved the music and the dancing. The fantastic big band music and the entertaining dancers were the center point of our event. We cannot thank Swingtopia enough for their participation." - SD, April 2016

"I finally got a chance to hear Doug Elliott live last Wednesday and its was quite an experience! The band was Swingtopia, a jazz octet, and the venue was a relatively new venue in the DC area - Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club. It was a last minute booking and the crowd was light, but the music was wonderful. The band swings and Mr. Elliott is just phenomenal! Of course, his technique is impeccable and his range incredible, but the tone is everything I expected it to be. It is full and sweet throughout his range. It is also unmistakable. I've only heard a few in that league - Slide Hampton in the 60's and Urbie Green. It's what a trombone should sound like. Doug's wife, Cyndy, plays bass and she is also a superb player...and, of course, both are absolutely charming and gracious." - HG

SWINGTOPIA is available for corporate events, concerts, parties, weddings, dances, etc.
If you would like SWINGTOPIA or THE ARTIE SHAW ORCHESTRA for your event, please call 301-467-1504 or email swingtopia(at)aol.com.

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